Arches for the Decennial
The arch on the San Gottardo Church
Artenat around the world
People from different countries came to visit Arten during the Decennial
Decennale Mariano 2015
A sacred festival that takes place every 10 years.
The parts of the municipality are five, the biggest one is Arten.
San Nicolò
The church of San Nicolò close to the cemetery
Madonna delle Scalette
One of the largest and most beautiful capitals in the village.
San Gottardo
The main church of the country.
A.N.A. Arten
Gold medal Giuseppe Toigo
Photos Procession Decennial 2015

Photos Procession Decennial 2015

Published: August 25, 2015
Marian Decennial Lottery

Marian Decennial Lottery

Published: August 24, 2015
Villages to work - August 22

Villages to work - August 22

Published: August 07, 2015

Published new pictures taken during the preparation to the great event.
click to visualize

Marian Decennial Brochure 2015

Marian Decennial Brochure 2015

Published: July 17, 2015
The final Brochure of the Marian Decennial, unluckily only in italian language.
You can read it online simple clicking in the preview below or download it in pdf format clicking here.


Download also themanifesto.
Decennial Marian Preview Program

Decennial Marian Preview Program

Published: June 27, 2015

You can take a look to the unofficial program of the Decennial Marian Festival 2015. We hope you will like it.

Click here to see the Program in pdf.

Festival of Saint Gotthard

Festival of Saint Gotthard

Published: April 18, 2015

As usual, also this year the festival of Saint Gotthard will take place in honour to the patron of our village.
The festival will take place on 1st-2nd-3rd of May with typical foods, live music and a lot of fun.

Here's the lineup of the event:
Friday 1 May
at 18.00 Opening of the festival with an aperitif in the square.
at 19.00 Opening of bar and restaurant. Soup of the day: PAELLA.
at 21.30 Live Music with CANEVA SOUND.

Saturday 2 May
at 19.00 Opening of bar and restaurant. Soup of the day: FISH FRY.
at 21.30 Live Music with MARTINI REVIVAL.

Sunday 3 May
at 12.30 Community Lunch, registration at bars and food shop.
at 15.30 DUGO DEL PORZEL (snake and ladders) on public square.
at 19.00 Opening restaurant with typical foods.
at 21.30 Live Music with DJ AMOS.

Tuesday 5 May (Saint Gotthard - Patron of Arten)
ore 10.00 Sanit Mass
ore 20.00 Sanit Mass in honour of the Saint Gotthard
Mass sung by choir "Schola Cantorum" of Arten.
After the mass convivial meeting on the parish center.

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      Villa Tonello Villa Tonello is the villa of the Belluno province that better proves a very close...

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      Historical Notes The parts of the municipality are five. The biggest one, Arten, is in an...

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      Village The parts of the municipality are five. The biggest one, Arten, is in an important...

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      Gotthard of Hildesheim Saint Gotthard (or Godehard) (960 – May 5, 1038), also known as Gothard or...

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