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Ndar a ciamar Marzh

go to call March

”Go to call March” is a common tradition to all villages belonging to the Serenissima Reign (Reign of Republic of Venice), due to the use of the ancient roman calendar, used officially in the reign of the Republic of Venice since 1797.

New Year Veneto was on 1st March and so it was a official festivity of Republic of Venice. The tradition to fix the start of the new year at the beginning of spring and of natural awakening of life was a widespread archaic practice and that we can found also in other calendars, like the chinese new year.

The tradition of the New Year Veneto still survives in the traditions of some areas of pedemontana berica, in the plateau of Asiago, in the north of Veneto and in various local festivals of Treviso and Padova, that celebrate the tradition of “Bruza Marzo”(burn March) or “Bati Marzo”(beat March) or “Ciamar Marzo”(call March), with the meaning of awaken the new year.

Arten celebrates this tradition, beating on pots and lids, around the village streets or dragging empty cans, chains and various ladles to make much noise as possible so to chase February and call the new month.