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VI Decennial - Year 1915

In this particular year it was not possible to do the Solemn Procession due to WWI. Anyway the festival was honored by the presence of the Cardinal Callegari, Bishop of Padova, and Mons. Cherubin, Bishop of Feltre and Belluno.

Festival took place, without procession, the third Sunday of September 1915.

Curate: Don. Giovanni Munari.

In the same period:

Year 1918:
The war, the Spanish flu and the enemy invasion, had depopulated the small village of Arten; in mourning and weeping they invoked the Virgin Maria and it was announced a festival with a preparation for the Solemn Procession not performed in 1915.

Year 1919:
29 November 1919 on Sunday, thanks to Mons. Luigi Pellizzo, Bishop of Padova, the venerated Icon was crowned with a precious diadem offered by the piety of the faithful.